IRC #power-rangers Media Hub


The #power-rangers channel on was founded on Friday 20th August 2004 by RailRescue.  Originally the team consisted of many operators from another similar channel on another IRC network.  Due to disagreements on how this channel should be run, the operators 'split' the channel to another network.  This new channel had different policies, rules and a more modern way of working.  The original operator team consisted of RailRescue, Karone, Pat and Hariken.

Over time, as the channel grew, we added staff but also lost staff.  New additions were goldenslider, Baliztik, RedLightning08, CHIPPER, zeogo, yakko_wakko_dot, MysticPhoenix, ChibiBoi and trekkeriii.  When RailRescue decided to pass on the responsibilities, RedLightning08 was voted the new 'leader'.  Due to life commitments, RedLightning08 passed on this responsibility to CHIPPER a year or so after.

It has been a long time coming but thanks to all of our operators and members, we have very nearly completed our mission of providing Power Rangers to the masses.

What is next for us?  We offer other similar shows that are no longer aired and will continue to do so.  Power Rangers may one day come to an end, but the channel will live on - we don't plan on stopping!