IRC #power-rangers Media Hub

Setting up IRC


If you wish to chat, share or download, we recommend you use the "SysReset" mIRC client, which you can download here ("SysReset Full Installation Pack" is the one to get).

Our channel is #power-rangers on, port 6667.

1. Once you have downloaded SysReset and installed it (most likely to C:/SysReset if you are a windows user), open up the program by clicking mirc.exe or mirc32.exe.

2. A welcome window will appear. Click Continue when the button allows you to.

3. An mIRC Options window will appear. If it does not, click Tools>Options on the menu bar at the top. In the Options, select tab Connect > Servers.

4. Click "Add" to add our network to the list.

5. The "Add server" window appears. In 'Description' type "Dejatoons Main". For 'IRC Server' type "". For 'Ports' you should type "6667" and for 'Group' you should type "Dejatoons":

6. Go to the basic Connect Tab. Enter a word for full name, a made up Email address, a Nickname you would like e.g. MyNick and an alternative nickname such as MyNick2. Do not have Invisible Mode ticked. Then click OK.

7. You should return to a blank screen on mIRC. Click the button with #+ in it near the top of the screen.

8. This will open an "mIRC Favorites" window. Click "Add". This is where you will type the information to access our channel. For "Channel:" type #power-rangers. Click "Add" to open the Networks window and select "Dejatoons" (which you added to the server list earlier) then click OK on the Networks window to return to the Add Channel window (below). It should look like the example below. Click OK.

9. Click the lightning bolt icon to connect to the server.

10. You will be bombarded with information about the server. You should read it if you wish to avoid trouble with the server.

11. You must now register your chosen nickname. Click back to the status window - Type /msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL where PASSWORD is your private password and EMAIL is your email address. Typing /nick MyNick2 where MyNick2 is your alternate nick will change your nickname to that, in this case MyNick2. You should also register this in the same way. /msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL.

12. At this point, you should read the channel rules.

13. Once done with that, type /join #power-rangers in the text bar of the status window. This will bring up our channel on your screen. You will see * Now talking in #channelname and a Topic. You MUST read the topic as there may be an important message to take note of. On the right of the program you will see a list of users in the channel. Those with @ or % by their username are channel operators. If you have a problem, you should talk to the operators. Users with + by their name are servers - i.e. users that are sharing their files for you to download.

14. To send a message in the channel, type it (e.g. "Hi!") in the text box at the bottom of the screen. Press enter to send it and everyone will be able to see.

15. If you wish, you can set #power-rangers to be joined automatically when you connect to Dejatoons. Return to statement 8 but tick "Join on connect", then press okay.

16. Welcome to the wonderful world of IRC!