IRC #power-rangers Media Hub


As you connect to the Dejatoons network, please read the Message of the Day which will inform you of any network changes.

These rules are laid down to maintain order within the channel. While the operators may choose to listen to certain complaints, the rules are not subject to the opinions of any single user. If you have a problem with the rules, nobody is forcing you to remain in the channel. Logs of what goes on in the channel are maintained. If you have a dispute, make sure you know what you are talking about as the logs will be consulted to verify what you say.


1. It is your own responsibility to check the rules. Just as you would make yourself aware of what is and isn't allowed in real travels, it is not the responsibility of the operators to hold your hand and guide you through the rules.
2. Please respect each and every person's beliefs, culture and background. Please do not use foul language towards another person, or as a language in itself. You may swear, but try to keep it to a minimum or private chats. Please avoid slurs of any kind. Please speak English in the channel.
3. Spamming, trolling and/or flooding is not allowed in the channel OR in private message to users in the channel. We define spamming as a form of advertising not authorized by the channel operators such as 'Come to my channel...'. We define trolling as making comments to create a reaction or to draw attention to yourself.  We define flooding as posting a mass of text at once.
4. Only servers are permitted to use clones (second identities within the channel). Attempting to cut the queue lines in file-servers by having a clone, falsifying a file-server advertisement or turning on a file server to queue and then turning it off is grounds for being banned from the channel.
5. You may only request files in the channel if you have been a server for at least one week. If you want to have your requests in an ad, it must be set to silent. These can be seen in channel by typing !request.
6. Please don't ask if you can be made a channel operator or member of distro (file distribution). We will come to you if we feel you have the necessary qualities.
7. Advertisements such as 'Away' ads are to be set to silent as they disrupt the flow of chat and often there is no reason for people to see them. If you wish to show that you are away, we recommend adding a suffix such as "-[AWAY]" to your nickname. Advertisements such as System Specs and WinAmp scans are allowed, but are not to be misused.
8. Re-encoding of episodes is allowed for personal use ONLY. Do NOT distribute re-encodes of our releases, and certainly do not remove the [Encoder] credit from them. This is because re-encoded files will be of a lesser quality, possibly higher file sizes, the original encoders may not approve, and it may confuse those trying to complete a series of episodes according to the channel encode guide. Making profit from channel encodes is selfish. You will be permanently banned from the channel. Encodes are available for you to watch, not sell.
9. Distribution of episodes takes time, and many users live in countries where new episodes could be broadcast up to three years after. To respect these users' rights to see the episode spoiler-free for the first time just like many American fans do, discussing anything related to the episode that has just aired is restricted for at least 24 hours after its release in-channel.
10. Neither the FTP address, username, or password are to be shared outside the channel, not via IMs, Forums, other chatrooms, web links, etc. This will mean an immediate ban for the person responsible and the immediate discontinuing of the FTP service.
11. If you get banned and feel it's a mistake. Go to DO NOT CHANGE YOUR NICK OR USE A PROXY TO GET AROUND THE BAN!! This will nullify you in the ban process.
12. Do not put links to any kind of porn, gore, or anything that might be considered offensive or disgusting. If you have a question to whether or not linking to something is acceptiable, please PM the OPs before posting it on the channel.
13. Do not come into the channel and start badgering people for various files or other items. Read the Encode Guide and look through the Music List in downloads to see what we have. If it's not there, then we don't have it. Don't ask for what is beyond what is on these lists unless you have some proof it exists and is not on the Blitzed #power-rangers channel Encode Guide.
14. We are a filesharing channel, we do not trade DVDs, CDs, nor other items here. Please use major Power Rangers forums like Rangerboard or Ebay for such things.


1. If you choose to serve, you must have at least 5 Power Rangers episodes on your server. Please only serve our encodes. Episodes from other sources must not be served. If you serve other places encodes, you will be asked to remove them. If after 24 hours you still serve them, you may be stopped from serving or banned from the channel.
2. You may serve other material such as anime, tokusatsu or other TV shows. Please take note of Dejatoons' own rules which may restrict certain content such as rips of movies, pornography or copyrighted music.
3. Don't serve your 'incoming downloads' directory! Nobody wants incomplete files.
4. Although we want YOU to control how your file server is run as much as possible, files need to be named in such a way that their encode version is identifiable. Filenames must be kept the same as those in the SFV files (available on this website) so that people can resume their files easily. Our channel's encodes are named consistently with the following format: MMPR.S01E01.Day.Of.The.Dumpster-[RED][52C4FFAF].avi. If you do not have files named correctly from the SFVs, you will be asked to do so. If after 24 hours you still serve incorrectly named files, you may be stopped from serving.
5. All servers must have at least 5 queue slots available, and must give priority queuing to operators and fellow servers. This is to help fellow servers get files before non-servers - as it is fair that those who contribute should have better access.
6. File server triggers must be in CTCP format - i.e. /ctcp trekkeriii Deja PR and other Saban rather than just Deja PR and other Saban.
7. Please make sure all advertisements (File-server, FTP, TDCC, XDCC) are set to silent so they do not appear in the channel. It allows channel chat to flow a bit more smoothly. To get voice/server status (shown by the + prefix on your name), use the !voiceme command once and wait at least a minute in order to obtain voice. If you turn off your server, you MUST type !devoiceme.
8. Once again, DVDrips are not allowed here on the website, nor the channel. The two feature Power Rangers movies are also not to be served in any form. There are many reasons for this. One of which is that they are available to buy or import in many different regions - USA, UK, France, Australia, etc. Other countries have alternate releases but the same standards apply.
9. Do not leak music or files that are banned by Disney, Saban, or any other company. A good example is lossless versions of Power Rangers music. We have been asked by Ron Wasserman himself to keep unauthorized content off the servers, so we will do so because of previous problems with Disney and now Saban. This rule now includes the Power Rangers Redux.


1. Please ask permission before posting our encodes to other sites, especially torrent sites. We have our own torrent tracker that we use if we feel a torrent release is necessary. If you are granted permission to release our files elsewhere (such as direct-download HTTP sites or Usenet), the filenames must be kept intact so as to match our encode guide, and a copy of the latest SFV must be attached. Under no circumstances can you claim credit for "hard work" uploading files or claiming the encodes as your own - this is disrespectful to the encoder and also the production team of Power Rangers (the people who REALLY worked hard).

Thank you and enjoy your time in our channel,
#power-rangers operators