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Q: Why can't I serve my download directory?
A: As files you download go into your download directory, this means that somebody could easily download a file that is incomplete, or being downloaded. Incomplete files are of no use to anybody, so it's best to share your completed downloads checked (by CRC) and organised in a directory of their own.

Q: How do I change my nickname/screename?
A: Simply type /nick newname where newname is your new nickname. Be aware that the name you want to change to MAY be registered by somebody else already.

Q: How do I register my nickname/screename?
A: First of all, you must be USING the nickname you want to register. If you aren't, see the above answer. Then, you must type /msg nickserv register password email where password is replaced with your choice of password (Passwords are case sensitive. Please make it something that only you will know!) and email is replaced by your email address. The e-mail address must be valid. Dejatoons respects your privacy, and they will not give out your email address to any third-parties. Make sure you type the message to nickserv in your STATUS window, to prevent a slipup happening where everybody will see your password.

Q: What order is your episode guide? Airing Order or Production Order?
A: Well to be quite honest, it's neither. It's true that our episode order for most series is based on Production Order (with modifications for episodes purposely filmed out of order such as "Forever Red" or "Wormhole" which were filmed out of order to fit around cast schedules), but for other series (Season 2 in particular) we used SirStack's "PR Spoilers" archive as reference for the correct order the episodes should run in. Airing order is never a good order to run an episode order with, and so we feel we have chosen the best possible order for the seasons.

Q: Why can't I serve episodes I found on the internet/another Power Rangers irc channel?
A: People in our channel would rather have the complete set of encodes from one source, rather than many different places. And episodes from other places can be encoded differently, have a silly pre-episode screen advising of the encoders, be of varying sizes, or in some cases we’ve seen the episode being made up from a few recording sources to fill in cuts. Our encoders work hard to give the episodes for our channel, and now with almost each season being complete, many people consider it ignorant to serve other places encodes. If you serve other places encodes, you will be asked to remove them or you may be warned or banned. Entertainment is a privilege, not a right, and therefore we want absolutely no links to where DVD rips can be downloaded in our channel.

Q: Why do I get my nick devoiced? I am serving.
A: Most likely you are either serving unauthorized content or you are not serving 5 or more encodes as stated in the rules. This makes it easy for users to pick out who is actually serving content in the encode guide and who isn't.

Q: Why do I not see file server triggers of voiced users?
A: Some file server owners choose to restrict their servers to voiced users only. The only way to be voiced on #power-rangers is to become a server yourself and follow the rules.


Q: How do I get episodes? I was told I could download them from here.
A: You must join our IRC channel, #power-rangers, on We do not share episodes on the website. We do not have the money to host files here and sharing large files on HTTP protocol (aka the web) can cause problems.

Q: Why am I getting rejected from being registered on this website?
A: Most likely you are not using the nickname on the channel or you have not registered your nickname on the dejatoons' network. This is required to be a member of this website.

Q: I am getting "User not Found" when trying to edit my profile or "Function has been disabled" when uploading profile picture.
A: You need to go into your cookies and delete all cookies related to the (or easiest to just delete all cookies). This should only effect Firefox users that have recently logged into the Torrent section.